UGOT / University of Gothenburg

Critical Heritage Studies, Department of Historical Studies, University of Gothenburg

The department of Historical Studies forms a meeting place for students, staff, and researchers from Ancient history, Archaeology, and History. Among our staff we have experts on different periods in the history of man, such as the European Bronze Age, ancient Greece and Rome, the Nordic Middle Ages, pre-industrial peasant society as well as social and political processes in modern times.

The three subjects (Ancient History, Archaeology and History) offer their own courses from the undergraduate level up to the degree of Ph.D. at the same time as they are part of interdisciplinary education programmes. The Department also offers a programme for future history teachers.

The department of Historical Studies is host of the prioritised research area Critical Heritage Studies – an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty project with the aim of strengthening cultural heritage research at the University as well as the cooperative work with academic and non-academic heritage institutions locally and globally.


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