JVE / Jan van Eyck Academie

Jan van Eyck Academie

Multiform institute for fine art, design and reflection
The Van Eyck is a post academic institute that has turned into an international multiform organization for fine art, design, and reflection. We are a multidisciplinary institute that furthers experiment, research, study, production and exchange. In our institute promising artists, designers, thinkers and curators are given the time and space that is needed to develop their talents, to discover as yet unexplored perspectives and delve into deeper layers of their selves.
As of 2013 we have embarked on a new course, guided by our institutional compass. The rose of the compass is the comprehensive idea of porosity and fluidity; the four compass points encompass openness as well as connection, self-guidance as well as cooperation. In real terms, this means that the Van Eyck is a welcoming meeting-place where fluid connections exist between institute and surrounding world, between the various art disciplines and between the fields of art and science. The energy flows that are thus generated trigger a myriad of possibilities and bring the development of talent to a peak.

The Van Eyck boasts well-fitted Labs (a wood and metal workshop, a print lab, photography and video studio, a library, run by competent experts) an auditorium, gallery spaces and a café-restaurant. The facilities are available to participants and other interested parties. The comings and goings of visitors and Lab users provide ample opportunities for interesting encounters.

Description of the residency programme
At the Van Eyck you have a studio of your own to write proposals, work on your project, investigate. In our view, the studio equals the classic vita contemplativa. The programme stands for the vita activa. Both are correlated and as such strike a perfect balance. The generic programme consists of regular studio visits by advisors and guest, of lectures, debates and presentations. The specific programmes comprise what happens in the Labs, the In-Labs, with the Van Eyck Mirror projects and what you individually contribute and develop. Leitmotif of the annual programme is set by the artistic and content-related needs of the participants.


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