IBC / Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage

Institute for cultural and natural heritage

The Istituto per i beni artistici, culturali e naturali (IBC) of the Region Emilia Romagna was founded in 1974 to support and advise the Regional Government in policy making and to act as an advisory body to local authorities in the field of cultural heritage.
The Istituto promotes and carries out research projects for the enhancement, the restoration and the protection of cultural objects, historical cities and cultural heritage at large, advising both the Regional Government and local authorities and enforcing the legislation addressed to local authority.
The activities carried out by the Istituto Beni Culturali over the years and the important role played with respect to the Regional Government, have made it a unique organisation in Italy, with an unrivalled experience in its field.

Libraries and archives
Since 1983, Soprintendenza per i beni librari e documentari della Regione Emilia-Romagna has been the technical and scientific organisation in charge of the actions and activities aimed at preserving, cataloguing, enhancing and promoting books, libraries and archives. There are about 1.300 libraries in Emilia-Romagna, totalling 20.000.000 books and an increasing number of “other” documents.

Museums and cultural heritage
There are over 450 museums in Emilia Romagna, including large historical collections, as well as more recent ones. This variety and richness (from archaeology to art galleries, from historical houses to naturalistic and scientific collections, from municipal to ecclesiastic museums, to ethnographic ones) reflects the past and present history of the regional area, in its various aspects and from different viewpoints.
The activity of the Istituto with regard to museums deals with the various aspects of researching, cataloguing and documenting collections, planning, conserving, setting standards, training museum professionals, organising services and initiatives to the benefit of citizens, such as educational activities, exhibitions, publishing.

Architectural and environmental heritage
The unit “Architectural and Environmental Heritage” performs a supporting role to the local bodies for better understanding, conservation and valorisation of the architectural and natural heritage. It coordinates cultural, scientific, and organisational activities connected with inventory and classification, conservation and redevelopment of historical monuments, historic and contemporary architectonic structures, historic city centres, rural dwellings, urban and archaeological sites and settlements, objects which provide evidence of ancient material culture and historical industrial heritage, overseeing their insertion into the context for the purposes of protective conservation.

The Istituto publishes a quarterly review “IBC – Information, Comments, Surveys on the Cultural Heritage”. The publishing activity over the years has produced more than 450 books / materials.


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