104 / Le Cent Quatre Paris

An artistic establishment in the City of Paris

Located in Paris (19th arrondissement), directed by José Manuel Gonçalves, CENTQUATRE is an area of homes, production and distribution for public and artists worldwide. As a place of programming and creation, experimentation and innovation, CENTQUATRE is interested in all forms and artistic disciplines: theatre, dance, music, cinema, but also culinary arts, digital and urban arts. Most of the programming is built due to artists who have been, are or will be in residence at CENTQUATRE. This measure helps to support and accompany the young creation in all its diversity. Conceived as an artistic collaborative platform, it gives everyone access to all current arts through a resolutely contemporary and challenging popular programming. It is also a place to live with shops and spaces devoted to amateur artistic practices and early childhood.

Interested in working towards a fruitful collaboration between contemporary artists and archaeologists, CENTQUATRE is a natural partner NEARCH project. It will show the public the work of artists in residence, made around a theme resonating with archeology.


5 rue Curial
75019 Paris
0033(0)1 53 35 50 01